Vernau Mier - alto saxophone & effects

Aydin Esen - piano & synths

Nadav Erlich - double-bass

Eric Valle - drums

A musical journey into deep space; full of discoveries and wonders. You don’t know what you will encounter or what is your destination, and the elements are moving in unpredictable ways. And yet, everything comes together in a natural feel - so just enjoy the ride into the unknown.

Secret Wildflower - second single

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Ayna Veer - release April 9, 2021

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Not your traditional jazz ensemble, Ayna Veer brings together a new generation of musicians with an established figure in the world of jazz like Aydin Esen. Additionally, the combination with electronic elements creates an experience that stands in a fluid space between innovation and tradition.


When in August 2000, Jazztimes Magazine asks Chick Corea: "Who do you think is the best pianist in the world?" Corea answers: "Maybe most of you don't know him, but he is a Turkish guy: Aydin Esen.


Aydın Esen, a prodigious pianist from Turkey who has developed throughout his long career a unique Post-Bop sound working with giants of Jazz such as Gary Burton, Dave Liebman and Pat Metheny. With his contagious energy and his extravagant and unusual ideas the music is driven to unexpected places, shaping the sound of the band in surprising ways pushing everyone to take risks and see what will come out of them.


The newly formed constellation of youngsters includes Vernau Mier, the saxo alto from Barcelona, who plays with different international projects, performing in New York, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Havana, among others. Playing a combination of acoustic and processed sounds generated through the combination of saxophone and electronic elements Vernau uses these like an extended technique of the saxophone. Playing longer notes, creating space floating on the top of the density of the rest of the band, Vernau creates overarching melodies that bring the other elements together, building bridges on top of the chaos.


Eric Valle,  the drummer, also from Barcelona, keeps the balance between keeping the traditional role of a drummer and bringing new ideas, having a dialogue with the others. Taking the inputs from the other members of the band, he sets the scene for them to shine. Eric creates an energetic and fluid base that nourishes a creative space for ideas to blossom. The last but not least member of the band is Nadav Erlich. His melodic approach with the double-basss converts harmonies into creative textures and melodies. Using rhythmical intervals to create tension and then release it, not following the traditional standard of harmony.


After multiple meetings, the collective decided to record their first album. The recording features compositions by Vernau Mier and Eric Valle, as well as a selection of free improvised musical moments that reflect each member's aesthetic and compromise with the music and the band. This is one of the elements that makes this album so special: the approach to free improvisation. Breaking down the idea of a soloist improvising alone and instead having the whole band building in the free improvisation as a collective, building layers on top of each other. 


Flowing in each other's movements, this album witnesses the unpredictable dance of elements moving together but constantly changing shape, colour and distance between each other.