(April 2021)

The 9th April eponymous release from multinational group Anya Veer brings together extraordinary Turkish jazz icon Aydın Esen with three trailblazing musicians - fresh from Basel’s remarkable Jazz Campus.

Ayna Veer album cover

In an interview back in 2000, Chick Corea surprised a few people with his response to the question about who he thought was the best pianist in the world…


"Maybe most of you don't know him, but he is a Turkish guy: Aydın Esen."


Now, more than 20 years later, three rising star musicians from the European scene have joined forces with the prodigious Turkish pianist for their eponymous debut album Anya Veer.

Inspired by the fusion-era music of artists like Miles Davis, Chick Corea & Weather Report, yet informed by the modern scene, the album weaves post-bop sensibilities with contemporary, alto sax-led jazz and electronics, blurring the lines between tradition and innovation.


Whilst Aydın Esen has worked with greats such as Gary Burton, Dave Liebman and Pat Metheny, it’s by no means a special guest appearance.  He takes his place equally in a group which features three graduates of the prestigious JazzCampus in Basel: Vernau Mier (sax), Eric Valle (drums) & Nadav Erlich (bass).


“We met during Aydin’s visits to Switzerland and eventually organized a studio session there. We recorded 7 hours of music, containing both original and improvised material, always searching for the spark of creativity through our musical connection and collaboration, inspiring each other, and building on each other's music.” - Vernau Mier

Vernau Mier sax (Spain) | Eric Valle drums (Spain) | Nadav Erlich bass (Israel) |

Aydin Esen piano/keyboards (Turkey) 


Produced by Vernau Mier and Eric Valle

Recorded at Jazzcampus Studio by Daniel Somaroo | Mix by Benjamin Gut | Master by Daniel Dettwiler @ Idee und Klang Studio, Basel | Design & Artwork by Daniel Roeli


Private Streaming: Bandcamp
Video: youtu.be/Ct-JM_Pd-uI

MP3s: on request | Photos: download here

Artist website: aynaveer.com

Secret Wildflower

second single

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Ayna Veer

release April 9, 2021

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